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Toolcraft Products is trusted worldwide as a supplier of high-quality dies, sheet metal stampings, fabrications, and high-tolerance details

Toolcraft Products Inc.

Celebrating over 80 years of manufacturing excellence

Founded in 1939 in the Ohio Valley, Toolcraft Products has long been an integral part of the metal stamping industry. Over the years, we have grown to be recognized as one of the premier sheet metal stamping die suppliers in the world. Using the latest in production and software technology, our goal is to deliver superior-quality dies at the lowest possible cost in the shortest possible time.

Whether the need is for manual, progressive, or transfer dies, in a low- or high-volume production, you can trust Toolcraft Products to be a skilled, responsive, and trustworthy partner. Let’s discuss your tooling, machining, or stamping requirements so we can work together to find the most cost-effective way to produce what you need.

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