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Project management

Toolcraft Products provides all necessary resources for in-house building of sheet metal stamping dies. New orders are assigned to a Project Manager who is responsible for all aspects of the job from concept to completion. This provides customers with a single contact which avoids program delays caused by communication gaps.

Modeling and machining

The same attention to detail that is used in design gets carried over to the build phase. All die details are solid modeled and tool paths are generated using Unigraphics CAM software package. This allows for machining programs to be quickly generated and tool paths to be automatically updated in the event of a design change.

Testing and tryout

Completed stamping dies are tested in house for performance and part acceptance. Qualified press operators, die makers, and Project Managers form a team for debugging each stamping die. Internal resources include numerous press capacities, allowing Toolcraft to closely replicate the customer’s stamping process.

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